5 Home Offices That Won’t Spoil Your Vacation

Home Offices of Grand Cayman
The views from Villa Mora’s home office rivals that of any corner office.

Vacation is, and should always be, you-time.  Time for you to relax.  To escape your 9-to-5.  And more importantly, to enjoy some quality time with family, friends, or even just by yourself.

But, sometimes you have to take that untimely call from the boss.  Or, reply to that emergency email from a distressed client that leads you to taking out your laptop and punching away for a few hours of work.

On island, at the very least, you can look up and see miles of tropical ocean instead of looking up and facing your coworker Gary eating Cheetos and typing away with neon orange fingers—they’re called wet naps, Gary!

Lucky for you, there is no better place to work remotely than from these private home offices.

Villa Mora

Calling all creative types!  At Villa Mora, you can take a breather from your workload and collect your thoughts on the balcony overlooking the Caribbean Sea.  This is hands down the perfect spot to find that inspiration you’ve been looking for.  Add a rum punch cocktail once your work day is done and kick back into vacation mode.  It is Grand Cayman after all!


Have you ever dreamed of having your own personal study replete with built-in shelving and a towering private collection of books?  Then Amoraflora has you covered with an office made for bookworms!  Feel yourself escape into a fictional haven as you read by the sea.  This library is detached from the main villa, so you won’t have to worry about noise distracting you here.

Kai Zen

At Kai Zen, you can open the office windows and feel the ocean breeze fill the air while you work.  Fair warning though, the calming winds and ocean sounds provide the perfect ambiance for an afternoon cat nap!  Luckily, there’s a comfy couch in the office perfect for power naps.

Cos Kai

Grab your laptop and get ready to bang out some emails. This spacious villa in Cayman Kai has many scenic places for you to set up shop during the workday. The screened porch looking out at the oceanfront will surely be your go-to spot. The walk-out balcony off the upper-level suites is also a great place to get some work done under the sun. But, if you’re the type that prefers a traditional indoor setting, the media room might just be the place for you.

Great Bluff Estates

The master suite at Great Bluff Estates is truly a sight to behold.  Spanning the entire upper wing of the villa it includes a small office nook with bay windows overlooking the villa’s pool deck below and ocean views across the horizon.  Step out onto the master suite’s private balcony for some fresh air and tropical inspiration.  The sunny views are sure to cure even the most extreme case of writer’s block.

Let’s face it, with our interconnected world work has a habit of following us all.  Fortunately, these gorgeous home offices take the sting out of having to mix business with pleasure.  However, make sure you don’t spend your entire vacation huddled up in these remote offices.  A healthy work-life balance is key to productivity and your physical health.

Besides, you can’t go back to the office without a fabulous tan and memorable stories to share with your coworkers about your Grand Cayman adventure.  We’re positive Gary is all too eager to hear about it.