How to Book the Perfect Private Chef

Private Chefs
Explore Cayman flavors with a night of in-villa dining prepared by the island’s top chefs and cooks. Here, Chef Lloyd and his team prep a gourmet dinner party at Olympus.

Private in-villa dining is an experience that will take your island vacation—and taste buds—to the next level! Savor local delicacies sourced and crafted just for you. Enjoy freshly caught seafood and exotic island flavors without having to lift a finger.

In fact, we’ve made the process of hiring a private chef so easy that all it requires is just a few clicks at checkout when booking your villa.

Here’s what you can expect, from start to finish, when hiring a private chef in Grand Cayman. 

Start the Process at Checkout

So, you’ve found the villa of your vacation dreams and are ready to book—woo hoo!

After entering your payment info at checkout and clicking the BOOK NOW button you will be taken to our confirmation page with a recap of your reservation.

In the bottom left corner of the confirmation page, you will find an Additional Services section and a checklist of services and excursions. Simply check the boxes for In-Villa Chef Services and In-Villa Cook Services—we’ll explain the difference later—along with any other options that appeal to you and press Submit.

Hire a Private Cayman Chef
Connect with the island’s finest chefs and cooks with a few clicks after booking your villa. Click image to enlarge.

Then, your contact info gets forwarded via email to our team of private chefs and cooks. Within minutes, you will receive emails from the best culinary experts on the island vying for your business. Simply select the one that speaks to your dietary preferences and budget to begin planning your island feast.

Now, if you already booked a villa but overlooked the Additional Services section and want to hire a chef, no worries. Simply email or to start the inquiry process.

A Chef for Every Palate

All dietary restrictions, availability, and menus are worked out 1-on-1 after booking. We do not play a role in this transaction. We simply connect our guests to the best culinary experts on the island.

Our chefs are extremely talented and versatile in their craft. One of our chefs is a master griller; another does strictly vegan and vegetarian cuisine. We have a chef who specializes in Kosher meals, one with multiple brunch menus, and several who offer tasting menus and wine pairings.

No matter what you’re craving, these culinary experts will work with you to develop the perfect menu for your group.

Next up, we’ll talk about pricing and what to budget when hiring a chef versus a cook.

Download our handy In-Villa Dining Guide (PDF) for more info.