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Grand Cayman Chefs & Cooks

Escape the ordinary and discover paradise on your plate with Grand Cayman’s in-villa dining experiences. As the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean, we boast a vibrant culinary scene, brought directly to your villa door by our talented chefs and cooks.

Private Chefs

Elevate your villa stay with a gourmet feast prepared by a seasoned professional. Click the email link below to contact our chefs and discuss your dream menu, dietary needs, and group size. They’ll craft a personalized experience you won’t forget.

Local Cooks

Savor the warmth and flavors of Caymanian cuisine with a family-style meal prepared by a local cook. Dive into island specialties and fresh tropical ingredients, all cooked with love in your villa’s kitchen. Contact our recommended cooks via the link below and let them tailor a menu to your group’s preferences.

Pro Tips for a Culinary Bliss:

  • Gourmet Splurge vs. Island Comfort: Choose a private chef for a plated, fine-dining experience or opt for a local cook for a relaxed, family-style feast. Both options offer seamless meal preparation from start to finish.
  • Book Ahead for Culinary Peace of Mind: Secure your in-villa dining experience 4-6 months in advance, especially during peak season and holidays. Availability fills up fast!
  • Explore the Island’s Gems: While savoring these in-villa delights, don’t miss the vibrant restaurant scene. Plan one or two chef/cook nights and embark on a culinary adventure across Grand Cayman.
  • Sweeten Your Stay: Celebrate special occasions with a decadent cake from The Cake Studio or The Bake Shop at Mise en Place.

Grand Cayman Restaurants

Traveling engages all the senses. On Grand Cayman, your eyes will be treated to gorgeous views of our tropical island, and your taste buds will be happy, too! Enjoy some delicious, local dishes when you go out on the town or hire your own private chef. Grand Cayman has so many culinary offerings—and we can’t wait to share our favorites with you! Plus, villa guests receive a 10% discount at our preferred dining partners simply by presenting your Guest Benefit Card.

Rum Point, East End & North Side Restaurants

Savoring a bite of fresh ceviche at Tukka in the East End while watching the moon rise is what dining on Cayman’s “quieter side” is all about. The food is excellent, the scenery stunning, and the island vibes are relaxed.

Fine dining restaurants include TukkaRum Point Restaurant, and the Kaibo-Upstairs.

More casual style restaurants include The Czech Inn GrillEagle Ray’s Bar & GrillOver the EdgeRum Point Wreck Bar & GrillMimi’s Dock Bar at Morritt’s, Taco Cantina, The Italian Kitchen, and Kaibo-Downstairs.

Seven Mile Beach Restaurants

The list of fine dining restaurants in this district is as long as Seven Mile Beach, but we do have a few favorites.

Calypso Grill is a bit of a drive, but absolutely worth it. Ragazzi’s is another favorite.

For sushi, we recommend Yoshi Sushi, and if you’re strolling through Camana Bay try Abacus or The Waterfront – they never disappoint! For a brand new dining experience visit Agua also in Camana Bay.

The Sunshine Grill – Sunshine Suites Resort across the street from the Westin Hotel. You will love the fish tacos!

Sunset House – A dive resort one mile south of Georgetown. Sit inside at Sea Harvest or outdoors at My Bar, Cayman’s famous thatched-roof bar.

Chicken Chicken! – Hands down the best rotisserie chicken on the entire island! Eat-in or take out. Located in the West Shore Shopping Center.