Grocery Delivery - Grand Cayman Villas & Condos
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Grocery Delivery

Enjoy the convenience of pre-ordered groceries delivered straight to your door. No shopping, no hassle, just island bliss!​ Now you can say goodbye to long grocery lines and hello to a fridge full of deliciousness upon arrival! All major island stores offer online ordering and delivery of fresh produce, meats, snacks, and even prepared meals.

Pro Tips for Stress-Free Stocking:

  • To ensure seamless grocery delivery, kindly coordinate with the property manager beforehand to confirm their availability to receive the delivery on your behalf.
  • Order early: Avoid holiday rush and secure your groceries well in advance, especially for peak seasons like winter holidays and New Year’s.
  • Saturday Delivery for Sunday Arrivals: No need to wait! Get your order delivered to our Welcome Center on Saturday and pick it up at check-in on Sunday. We’ve got you covered with spacious on-site refrigerators.
  • Sunday Delivery Coordination: Please note that there is no delivery service available on Sundays.
  • Jacques Scott Wines & Spirits: After checking in to our Welcome Center, walk over and stock up on your favorite drink of choice next door at Jacques! Or order online for delivery to your villa/condo or pick up at their Frank Sound location.
  • Exclusive Guest Discounts: Our guests get 10% off wine and spirits (excluding beer) at the Jacques Silver Thatch location. Just show your guest benefit card!