Why You Should Visit Stingray City This Year On Grand Cayman Island

A man enjoying Stingray City in Grand Cayman Island.

One of the standout attractions along the Grand Cayman Island is its coastline and wildlife. The weather and ecosystem are perfect for pristine beaches and unique and colorful sea life. One area along Grand Cayman Island that exemplifies this is Stingray City. For starters, it’s not a city but a wonderful spot where stingrays gather. More on that later! 

If you want to explore Stingray City or sample the delicious food and more on Grand Cayman Island, you must book directly with Grand Cayman Villas & Condos. Continue reading to learn more about Stingray City and why you should visit this year on Grand Cayman Island.

What Is Stingray City?

Stingray City is set along shallow sandbars where many southern stingrays linger. It’s a very popular area; visitors dive and pet stingrays. One of the sandbars is shallow and allows people to crouch and touch a stingray. The other sandbar is deep, allowing people to dive and swim among stingrays and fish.

Where Is Stingray City?

Stingray City is located in the north-central portion of the North Sound of Grand Cayman Island between Rum Point and West Bay.

Why Is It Called Stingray City?

It wasn’t always known as Stingray City. Before, it was a marina for anglers. When the anglers would return from a fishing trip, they would clean their fish in the calm waters near the sandbars. The fish remains were tossed into the water as part of the cleaning process. Eventually, stingrays began to associate the sound of boat engines in the area with an easy meal.

Why You Should Visit Stingray City

For starters, have you ever touched a stingray? This is the best way to do it. You might also have an opportunity to feed them. You will also get a unique opportunity to snorkel near the reef and see various sea life, like starfish and turtles. Be mindful that the stingrays are wild. However, they are much more domesticated than stingrays you would normally find elsewhere. Don’t worry about touching the stingrays at Stingray City.

Besides the sea life, it’s a stunning location with many attractions near Rum Point and West Bay. If you want to see Stingray City, consider booking a villa or condo on the west side of Grand Cayman Island. 

Dive Into Stingray City

Experience one of the best attractions on Grand Cayman Island, and you can easily see Stingray City when you book directly with Grand Cayman Villas & Condos

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