10th Anniversary of Luna Del Mar at the Kaibo Yacht Club



On June 9th the Kaibo Yacht Club will be hosting a 1oth Anniversary Celebration of their monthly full-moon dining experience known as “Luna Del Mar.”

If you’ve been to Grand Cayman but haven’t visited the Kaibo, you’re missing a relaxing caribbean experience.  The Kaibo is located down the road from the Rum Point Beach Club in the neighborhood of Cayman Kai.  Facing Grand Cayman’s North Sound it has a casual bar downstairs near the shore and an elegant, white linen dining room upstairs, appropriately named the Kaibo Upstairs.  Many of our Grand Cayman Villas and Condos guests catch their private Silver Thatch snorkel charters from the Kaibo dock.

Each month, the Kaibo serves diners on the sand under a beautiful caribbean full moon.  It’s a unique experience you won’t find anywhere else on the island.  The Kaibo calls this night their Luna Del Mar.

June 9th marks the 10th anniversary of this Kaibo tradition.  To commemorate this popular event, the Kaibo is having a Luna Del Mar party.  Chef, Laurence Thram, will serve a fabulous, contemporary, three-course meal.    Guests will dine on white linen, surrounded by tiki torches, with their toes in the sand, listening to music, under a full moon.  After dinner, guests will join together and release paper lanterns into the night sky.

Space is limited and reservations are a must for the June 9th celebration.  Click  reservations at the top right corner of this link.

Don’t be disappointed if you miss the Luna Del Mar Party.  Perhaps you’ll have a chance to attend one of these future Luna Del Mar dinner evenings:

  • July 7th 2017
  • August 4th 2017
  • September 8th 2017
  • October 6th 2017
  • November 3rd 2017
  • December 1st 2017 (Christmas Party edition with DJ from Oneworld)