Hungry for Some Island BBQ?

Henry and Arvid Harris. Photo courtesy of Jewel Levy, 11/6/2015 Cayman Compass

Attention all visitors to Grand Cayman who love barbecue!   Henry’s Big Tree BBQ in Cayman’s East End, is the place you need to try.

Big Tree BBQ is a father and son operation.  Two years ago Henry Harris went from retirement to making locals and visitors happy with his home cooking. Henry and his son, Arvid, get up early every morning to start the smoker and grill.  Fried conch and plantains, “falling off the bone” baby-back ribs, chicken, jicama coleslaw, corn on the cob, red beans and rice, and even turtle, are on the menu.

Henry’s wife makes authentic Cayman cornbread every day.  Cayman cornbread is more like spice cake than the cornbread found in the U.S.  Superb Caribbean comfort food, generous portions, and friendly service make for a fabulous afternoon.

In July, 2016, Trip Advisor voted Big Tree BBQ the “best BBQ on Cayman.”

So sit down under a big shade tree with a view of the Caribbean across the street and enjoy Cayman’s best barbecue.   Not only does Henry make great food, he is also delightful to talk to.  He loves educating folks about the history of the island.

Big Tree BBQ – 503 Austin Conolly Drive, Gun Bay, East End Cayman.