Stingray City Re-Opens!

Stingray City, Grand Cayman
Reconnecting with our gentle underwater friends at Stingray City. Oh, and we have a new boat!


For signs that the world is slooooowly returning to some semblance of “normal”, look no further than Stingray Sandbar.

The island’s #1 attraction had been off-limits to tour boat operators since lockdown restrictions were enacted in mid-March. With Cayman successfully flattening its curve (Cayman hasn’t had a new case of COVID for 16 days) the government reopened the Sandbar on July 10, well ahead of its previously announced July 19 reopen date.

Although some restrictions remain in place, they are mostly common-sense measures we’ve all come to live with:

  • ⇒ Captains must social distance vessels to avoid large clusters of groups from forming
  • ⇒ Passenger limits on boats are capped to 10
  • ⇒ Renting of shared snorkel and dive gear remains prohibited
  • ⇒ Only licensed commercial operators are permitted on the Sandboard.
private snorkel charters
Cayman’s top attraction is an underwater bucket list experience you won’t soon forget.

The reopening of the sandbar was met with great relief from locals who have been itching to get back out on the water and reconnect with these majestic creatures. If you’ve never been, it’s truly a bucket-list experience not to be missed.

Your New Ride to Stingray City

Earlier this year, well before COVID hit, we pulled the trigger on an investment to upgrade our boat. That’s right! Not only do we rent vacation villas, we also provide our villa guests private charter options at discounted rates.

Our old boat, a 27-foot Boston Whaler Dauntless, could barely keep up with the demand. We often had to turn away larger groups due to the Whaler’s passenger limits and guests also appreciate the smoother ride of two hulls. So, when the opportunity to buy a larger more luxurious boat came knocking we opened the door.

Say, “Hello!” to our new 32-foot Luxury World Cat!

Silver Thatch World Cat Charters
Put your nice shades on and cruise out on the open water aboard our new 32′ World Cat.

With the sandbar re-opened and the World Cat finally out of dry dock, Captain George and his crew ventured out to mingle with the Stingrays and test drive the new boat. As you can see from the photos, they had an amazing time out on the water under the early morning sun. After being on lockdown, I can’t imagine a better way to spend the day.

Now, picture yourself there. Out on the water with the wind in your hair. The sun on your shoulders. The engines purring as you and your group glide across the waves. It’ll become our reality once again, I promise.

Keep yourselves safe. Daydream of your next travel adventure. And, when you’re ready to travel again, we have homes for every budget (and a boat!) waiting for you in Cayman.