Catch a Direct Flight to Cayman

A departure board in an airport.
Flying to Cayman has never been easier.


We’ve all been there at some point in our travels.  You’re going on four hours stranded at the airport because your connecting flight keeps getting pushed back.  It’s either that, or you’re hurrying to your gate because your first flight was delayed on the tarmac and now the whole start of your vacation is one big stressful nightmare–UGH!!  (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Forget layovers; direct flights are where it’s at.  If you happen to live in one of the following cities, you’re closer than you think to our island paradise.

Denver residents you’re in luck!  Nonstop service to Grand Cayman begins March 2019 on Cayman Airlines.  This new gateway will reduce travel time for Mile High residents from 11 hours to just under 5 hours.  That means less travel time, more beach time.  Fun fact: Cayman Airlines offers all adult passengers a complimentary rum punch cocktail to make your travels that much sweeter–cheers!

Chicagoans, leave the Windy City behind for the tropical breezes of Grand Cayman.  With direct service on United, American, and Cayman Airways you’re only 4 hours away from glorious Seven Mile Beach.

Detroit and Toronto you’re also only 4 hours away from barefoot sandy beaches and crystal blue waters.  Hop on a Delta, Air Canada or WestJet flight and don’t forget to pack the sun screen!

Red Sox Nation, celebrate your 2018 World Series win with a quick trip down-island.  JetBlue can whisk you away to Cayman in just under 4 hours out of Logan.  And, hey, if the Red Sox lose the World Series at least you’re in sunny Grand Cayman ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Down south, the living gets a little easier and the direct flights shorter.  Charlotte and Atlanta clock in with direct flight times of just under 3 hours on American or Delta.  Watch a movie or binge six episodes of The Office and you’re practically there!  You can find flights for under $400 too.

Winter is right around the corner and with it shorter days and increasingly inclement weather.

But, how nice would it be to come home from your winter holiday relaxed and revitalized?  You’ll be re-charged and ready to conquer the holidays with a fabulous sun-kissed tan to boot.