Cayman Travel Checklist

Travel Checklist
Ready to travel to Cayman? Make sure you pack these travel essentials before you head to the airport.

After months of planning and daydreaming about your island vacation, the big travel day is finally here—you’re going to Cayman!

To help keep you organized, we’ve put together a checklist of travel essentials you will need for a smooth arrival on Grand Cayman.

    • Passport
      Essential for all international travel. Check the expiration date. As long as it is valid for your return flight, it is current.
    • Certificate of Travel
      All travelers must pre-register with Travel Cayman. We recommend you start this process 30-days prior to travel. Once approved, a Certificate to Travel will be issued for each member of your group. Print a copy and keep it with your passport.
    • Negative Pre-Arrival Test Result
      All travelers 5 and older must provide proof of a negative viral test taken no earlier than the day before travel. At-home test kits approved for travel with video observation are now acceptable. AZOVA is recommended by Cayman authorities.
    • Vaccination Cards
      Bring proof of full vaccination for all members of your group. For US travelers, CDC cards will suffice. You’ll be asked to present it at Customs when you land.
    • Two Week Check-In Reminder
      Check your email! Our check-in reminder includes your villa’s name and address. You will need to state this on the Cayman Immigration form. Directions to our Silver Thatch Welcome Center are also included.
    • Trip Interruption Insurance
      With all the disruption to travel, we strongly recommend trip insurance to safeguard your vacation plans. Coverage can be added to your reservation 60-days from arrival. Once within 60 days, coverage cannot be added.  If you purchased insurance, print your proof of coverage and keep it on hand while traveling.
    • Airline Boarding Pass
      Check-in for your flights 24-hours before travel to secure your seats. Print your boarding pass or save a digital copy to your mobile phone. Recommended arrival time at the airport is 3 hours for international flights.
    • Face Masks, Hand Sanitizer, Health Insurance Card
      Signs of the times. All travelers must wear a face-covering in-flight and while transiting airports. Pack several as you’ll need them on-island too. Keep a small travel-size bottle of hand sanitizer as well. In the event of a medical emergency, health insurance cards may be requested.

Finally, don’t forget to pack some patience for travel disruptions that are beyond anyone’s control. Allow extra time at the airport and understand that Cayman is a foreign country and moves at a slower, but deliberate, pace.

Because once you’re on “island time” with sunny beachfront and ocean views all around you, we think you’ll find it was fully worth it.